​​​Social Media ​Schedules ​that are flexible and ​work the way you want.

​​​Fully flexible ​methods to turn on and off your campaigns to fit the way you want your campaigns to work.

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​Easily create one or more schedules for each of your social media channels.

​Add your social media channels, categorise your content and create your schedules.


​​​Connect to your social media channels

​We connect directly with your social media channels. We currently support Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. More to come shortly.



​​Categorised content

​Categorise your content so you can later choose what type of content you wish you share at different times of the day.



​Create your schedule

​You can create lots of schedules and connect each one to a social media channel. Each schedule can have lots of time slots. With each time slot, you can choose which category of content you wish to share.



​​​Content Queue

​​We queue your content up so you can see what is going out and when. You can even swap content for something else if you want.


Unique Features

​Beyond the above, we have a number of unique features that we have not found togther in any other ​platform.

​Swap content

Want to swap some content in the social media queue? One button click will choose another suitable piece of content.

Want to swap some content in the social media queue? One button click will choose another suitable peice of content.

Hashtag manager

Integrated hash tag manager allows you to easily add hashtags to your social media content. Not sure what hastags to use? Easily click through to hashtagify.

Employee Notifications

Optional – Automatically notify your employees to like and share your company posts.

Social Media Templates

When we transform your website content into social media posts, we use your own template to structure how your social media posts will format.

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